KarmaFest®:  Enhance Your Body, Expand Your Mind, Awaken Your Spirit

KarmaFest® is the ultimate Holistic/Psychic/Yoga festival founded by Patricia Hawse in 2005.  It all started while serving in Louisiana for The Red Cross for Katrina Relief.  Prior to that time Patti admits she was not “into” this type of thing.  But there, under the stressful and negative circumstances of post-Katrina, Patti became exposed to the benefits of holistic health first hand, when yoga and meditation was offered at the Red Cross Volunteer Shelter as a means to relieve the relief workers.

The yoga was conducted by Heather Lilly from Wilmington, NC and the meditation was conducted by LEOTHA, a Shaman from San Diego, CA.  After seeing the immediate effects of such a natural and simple way to relieve tension and increase energy and balance, Patti has vowed to spread the word about holistic medicine, in general, and yoga and meditation, in particular.  With that, she came up with the idea of a festival – KarmaFest® – and both LEOTHA and Heather Lilly have returned to help spread the word.

LEOTHA also became Patti’s first spiritual advisor and teacher.  Since the start of KarmaFest®, Patti has become a certified yoga instructor (teaching Hot Vinyasa Power Yoga – Baptiste Style), a Reiki Master, an Adept with The Modern Mystery School, an Ordained Minister,and has been inducted into the Swami Order.  LEOTHA published his first book entitled, “Life Happens For You, Not To You, When You Stop Playing Small” and has dedicated it to Patti for her encouragement in writing it. To find out more about LEOTHA or to buy his book, click here.

The title “KarmaFest” has been submitted to the United States Patent Office and has become a registered trademark. 2014 will be the ninth year for KarmaFest® in Maryland.  KarmaFests® have also been held in Pennsylvania (Downington in 2008 and Harrisburg in 2009).  Future KarmaFests® are being planned around the country.

KarmaFest® is just one of the many events conducted by Soul Purpose Productions.  Soul Purpose Productions, LLC, is an overarching company designed to promote and produce varied holistic related products and ideas, including, but not limited to, festivals and events, new products (inventions) and films (movies and documentaries).  The company was founded in 2007 by a collaboration of family members:  siblings, James Rhodes, Sharon Kollar, and Patricia Hawse, along with Sharon’s daughter, Jessica Kollar.

Soul Purpose Productions would love to partner with your organization to help create a KarmaFest® in your area. KarmaFests® not only brings together the holistic community, in and around the area where they take place, but it also fosters a safe place for the increasing number of people who are interested in holistic modalities, to come together to learn, grow, and celebrate.

LEOTHA made his transition to the other side two days after KarmaFest 2012 at Oregon Ridge.  That festival was dedicated to LEOTHA, even though no one knew he was terminally ill at that time.  Some even said they saw LEOTHA at that festival and spoke with him.  I assured them he was not in attendance (in the physical anyway).  Below is the front of the KarmaFest program which LEOTHA may or may not have ever seen.

LEOTHA – I hope you are in a good position to keep helping me . . . we all need your help during these changing times and I feel good to know you’ve got my back.  LOVE ~ Patti