KarmaFest at Fellowship Farm

September 1-4, 2017 | Labor Day Weekend

FELLOWSHIP FARM IS LOCATED IN POTTSTOWN, PA (between Lancaster, Allentown, and Philadelphia, PA ~ if you can imagine that).  And it is 2+ hours from Baltimore, MD or 1 hour from Philly, so do plan accordingly with your travel time.


2488 SANATOGA RD,  POTTSTOWN (use Gilbertsville for GPS), PA  19464

Your GPS may want to recognize this as GILBERTSVILLE, instead of Pottstown, so make sure you double check the zip code and if it comes up Gilbertsville, that should be correct.   ALSO MAKE SURE THE ABOVE ADDRESS IS WHERE YOUR GPS IS TAKING YOU PRIOR TO HEADING OUT . . . we had some GPS’ taking people various places last year; even the nuclear power plant, so look at the map and make sure you are ending up at Sanatoga Rd, off of Pleasantview Rd, before Swamp Pike.  ALSO BE CAREFUL YOUR GPS DOESN’T LAND YOU ON “SANATOGA STATION ROAD;” DON’T GO THERE.

If you put “Fellowship Farm” in Google Maps, it SHOULD BE correct. That is our recommendation to go right to Google Maps and put in Fellowship Farm.  Yahoo Maps has it listed as 2418 which also seems to work as well.  MAPQUEST, however, has Fellowship Farm located at the Nuclear Power Plant.  Override MapQuest and put in the actual address like this:  2488 SANATOGA RD, GILBERTSVILLE, PA  19464.  Finally, like many GPS’s it may say you have arrived before you actually see the turn.  Keep looking and you should see KarmaFest signs with arrows.  FOLLOW THOSE.  GOOD LUCK!