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This year we are celebrating KarmaFest’s 8th Year in Maryland!!

 KarmaFest 2013. One Festival/One Day.

Save the Date: SATURDAY, MAY 25
(The Saturday of Memorial Day weekend)
Oregon Ridge Park, Hunt Valley, MD

Get your tickets NOW!!

Only $15.00 Each! (Online or at the door) Age 10 and under is free



Purchase 10 Tickets for Your Group and Raise (or Save) $50. A 10 Pack of Tickets Sell For $100 and are Worth $150. Use the Sale To Raise Money for Your Group or To Provide A Discounted Ticket Price To Those Who Purchase From You. THESE TICKETS WILL BE MAILED TO YOU.


The big KarmaFest is taking place at Oregon Ridge for the fifth year in a row! This year it is entitled, The Celebration, and I do hope you join us to do just that:  CELEBRATE LIFE, THIS BEAUTIFUL VENUE, BEING OUT IN NATURE, THE MUSIC, DANCING, LEARNING, GROWING AND BEING WITH LIKE-MINDED PEOPLE.

Karmafest Oregon Ridge is a tried and true festival.  Last year we had over 2,000 people enjoy the day at this gorgeous venue.  There is music, dance, yoga, meditation, workshops, lectures, as well as great holistic vendors of products and services.  AND SO MUCH MORE!

There will be lectures and workshops on psychic and holistic modalities, such as Time for Transformation with Laura Jackson from Virginia Beach, VA, Transmuting Your Karma with The Violet Flame with Sherri Lehr, Past Life Regression with Karen Willis, and Spirit Circle LIVE (gallery style readings) with Maggie Salter.  The full schedule is listed below.

As always, there will be great music throughout the day featuring TELESMA, DYNASTY ELECTRIC, Raa Djarsi, Sherri Robbins, Bhakti Tree, and SO MUCH MORE. This KarmaFest, like the other 2012 KarmaFests will also feature a real magician, David London, who will be performing his Wandering Wonders and Magic Outside The Box Cabaret Show (I love him – he is great!).

And of course we will again feature The Indigo Showcase, with the young and talented Indigo/Rainbow/Crystal Children and Adults, reading their poetry, playing their instruments and dancing and singing. We are also having a drum circle so bring your drums!

There will be great food: vegan and vegetarian, as well as more traditional foods.  Vendors abound will offer their holistic/mystic products, knowledge and services such as reiki, massage and reflexology. KarmaFest has featured over 100 vendors, so THANK YOU KARMAFEST VENDORS AND SPONSORS – WE KNOW WE COULDN’T DO IT WITHOUT YOU.

A beautiful day will be had by all: a day of yoga, meditation, chanting, singing, dancing, learning, growing; with love and healing for all.  DON’T MISS THIS!

If you’ve been to a KarmaFest before, welcome back, and if you’ve never been to a KarmaFest before, welcome home.

KarmaFest Pet Policy:
Since KarmaFest’s creation, we’ve allowed pets at KarmaFest. However, last year at Oregon Ridge the health department was concerned about the high number of dogs at the festival, around the food.  Oregon Ridge then reminded me of their pet policy: no pets in the building (where many of the vendors are located as well as many of the lectures) and basically no pets at a festival. SO, I’m sorry to announce that pets are not allowed at this year’s KarmaFest.  I’M SO SORRY – I KNOW – IT WAS A BEAUTIFUL THING TO SEE ALL THE HAPPY KARMAFEST DOGS STROLLING AROUND IN THE PAST ~ AND MAYBE WE CAN HAVE THEM IN THE FUTURE.  But for this festival, please try to leave your 4 legged angels at home.

ASL Interpreters available. Please email to let us know if you will need interpreters. (This will help us in coordinating).

Are You a Business Owner?

KarmaFest is a great place to Network! Networking happens naturally at KarmaFest, since the entire holistic community will be there IN CELEBRATION.  Come meet your people; your community.

Come to KarmaFest wearing your
new KarmaFest T SHIRT!

This year’s shirts are out of this world thanks to Proper Playground Clothing Company (THANKS JOHNNY T AND SARA). Below are your options and supply is limited.

$30+$6 shipping
Indicate your shipping address in the “Instructions to Seller” area on the PayPal screen.
Girls V Necks
Black or Purple – S, M, L, XL
Girls Crew Neck

Navy Blue or Red – S, M, L, XL
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Black or Red – Large, XL

Indicate Size Style and Color

Linda Biggs, the Internationally Acclaimed Watercolor Artist, will be a Special Guest appearing from noon to 5pm. Linda Biggs is Baltimore’s one and only “Native Spirit”. Linda is one of the best living Fantasy Artists in the world today. She stands out among the rest, not only in stature but by being spiritually touched, having the bloodline of a Native American Cherokee Indian. With this Heritage comes, “The Gift”, that Linda shares, as an inspiration to all with a dream and the spirit to live it.

Come and enjoy Linda’s beautiful Artwork & gifts, get her autograph, take a few pictures and support Linda Biggs, our Baltimore Icon.

KarmaFest is proud to have Linda at this year’s festivities!


Click here to download the Karmafest Program!

Have questions about KarmaFest?

Contact Patti Hawse by email (
or text (410-446-2569)



10:15–11am  Gayatri Prayer with Molly Szpara

11:15–noon  Laughter Yoga with Elaine Nieberding

12:15–1:30pm  Drum Circle with Chris Davis and Jute Alban

1:45-2:45pm Bhakti Tree

3–4pm  Sherri Robbins

4:30–6pm  Raa Djarsi

6:30–8pm  Dynasty Electric

8:30–10pm  TELESMA



10:30–11:30am  Meet The Best-Selling Author and Lover of the Great Mother, Mare Cromwell

noon–5pm  SPECIAL GUEST Linda Biggs, Internationally Acclaimed Watercolor Artist–meet and greet and get autographs!



10:30–11:15am  Fusion Belly Dancing with Yasaman Vrd’dhi

11:30am–12:30pm  Indigo Showcase (Indigo Musicians: come share your talents!)

12:30–1:30pm  Drifting Gypsies

1:30– 2pm  Spoken Word – Poetry Jam/Slam (Indigo Poets: come share your word!)

2-3pm  Gathering Against GMO’s

2–3pm  Drum Circle with Chris and Jute (in nearby drum area)

3–4pm  Heal My Voice Introduction and Book Signing

4:15–5:45pm  **Heal My Voice Writing Workshop

6–6:30pm  Heal My Voice Peace Pole Dedication  (meeting at the pavilion and then moving to the peace pole area)

6–6:45pm  Blue Eden

7–7:45pm  The Baltimore SDIY Group’s performance (electronic music)

8–8:45pm  Kagah



10:15–10:45am  How To Ground, Center and Put Protection Around Yourself with Anne-Marie Revello and Erin Durange

11am–12:30pm  **Transmuting Your Karma With The Violet Flame with Sherri Lehr (additional ticket required $15)

1–2:30pm  **Illusions and Reality – Magic Workshop with Magician, David London (additional ticket required $20) – we will meet at Area One and then go outside depending on weather

3–5pm  **Angel Connections and Attunement with Anne-Marie Revello (additional ticket required $45)

5:30–7pm  **Sound Medicine Journey Through The Chakras with Angela Blueskies and Adam Kandel (additional ticket required $20)


10:30am–12:30pm  **Time For Transformation with Laura Jackson (additional ticket required $20)

1–3pm  **Past Life Regression with Karen Willis (additional ticket required $25)

3:30–4:30pm  **Spirit Circle LIVE with Maggie Salter (additional ticket required $15)

5–6:30pm  **Healthy, Wealthy and Wise – Mantra Manifestation Meditation with Ana Jones (additional ticket required $20)



10:15–11:15am   Natural Healing with Essential Oils with Colleen McCartney

11:30am–12:30pm   RADIO: It’s About Sharing Your Message With The World with Patsy Anderson

12:45–1:45pm  Dreams: A Source of Inner Truth with Eckankar

2–3pm  Power of Divine, Magical, Vedic Seed called Rudraksha with Mukul Bishnoi [all attendees get a FREE Rudraksha]

3:15–4:15pm  Look Deeper Into The Symbology of Tarot with Cheryl Oed

4:30–5:30pm  Creative Explorations in Meditation and Improvisation with Jennifer Parde and Joseph Mauricio

5:45–6:45pm  Using Spiritual Gifts To Overcome Abuse – My Story with Barbara Anne Rose



10:30–11:30am  Understanding Your Psychic Reading with Rev. Rose Atwood

11:45am–12:45pm  You, Me & Us–Learn About Your Venus Star Point with Kitty Hatcher

1–2pm  Angel Connections with Anne-Marie Revello

2:15–3:15pm  Learn To Chat With Angels – All Day, Every Day with Chris Alexandria

3:30–4:30pm  Tantra 101 with Sherry Tuegel

4:45–5:45pm  Soundly Nourished: Using the Energies of Sound and Food for Health and Longevity with Lana Ryder Rosner

6–7pm  Beatwell: The Art and Science of Group Drumming with Jordan Goodman



10:45–11:45am  Awakening to Your Heart’s Passion with Linda Richards

noon–1pm  Sacred Ways with Mother Earth with Mare Cromwell

1:15–2:15pm  Making Sense of a Non-Sensical World with Laura Jackson

2:30–3:30pm  Weight Loss Using Hypnosis & Neuro-Linguistic Programming with Trish Casner

3:45–4:45pm  Mystical Insights Through Drumming Meditation with William J. Nethery of EsoTarotIKa

5–6pm  Utilizing Higher Vibrational Thinking to Accomplish Your Goals with Orion Reynolds 

6:15–7:15pm  Tai Chi Staff Exercises and Fun with Wayne McGuire



A full day of yoga. 50 minute sessions every hour starting at 10:30am with the last one at 5:30. Presented by Project Passion and Get Rooted. Come enjoy some great yoga and have a chance to win prizes and just have some yoga-fun. Thank you Chelsea Smith and Molly Szpara for making this happen!



11–11:30am  Drum Circle with Chris and Jute

11:45am–12:15pm  Chakra Fun with Courtney Gurrera

12:30–1:15pm  You’re a Banana with Erin Durange

1:30-2pm Mindfulness/Meditation with Cindy Connor Edwards

2–2:30pm  Laughter Yoga with Elaine Nieberding

3–3:30pm  Kid’s Yoga with Melisa Deane

4–4:30pm  Magic Show with Magician David London

** denotes extra ticket required


requiring additional tickets

for Karmafest THE CELEBRATION on May 25th

We will have a full day of free lectures, yoga, meditation and music that are part of your general admission ticket – the full schedule will be announced shortly.  In addition, we have these SPECIAL WORKSHOPS which are longer in duration, more in-depth, more experiential, and require additional tickets.  These classes have been drastically discounted for KarmaFest, therefore, you get a lot for your money. I suggest you add one or two.  They will greatly enhance one’s overall KarmaFest experience – especially for the true students and seekers.

10:30am – 12:30pm  AREA TWO

Time for Transformation with Laura Jackson 

Additional Ticket Required for This Event:  $20

This experiential workshop created by Rev. Laura is tailored to help you transform your life and tap into the energies of a whole new era on our planet. You will journal by writing and/or drawing, led through guided imagery and future visioning — all while listening to specific megahertz frequencies and viewing new earth energy artwork by the fabulously-gifted artist, Tarver Harris. All of these tools — and the vibration of the workshop — help you align with the new and create your future NOW.

Laura Jackson is a speaker, author, coach, consultant and musician.  Emerging as a nationally-recognized speaker on earth changes, Laura demonstrates how science and prophecy are interwoven through insights from ancient cultures, metaphysics, Edgar Cayce’s readings and modern-day quantum science.  Visit Laura at  And see you at KarmaFest!


1:00pm – 3:00pm  AREA TWO

Past Life Regression with Karen Willis

Additional Ticket Required for This Event:  $25

Have you ever felt or wondered that you have lived other lives? Do total strangers somehow seem familiar? Do you have any fears, patterns or issues that can’t be explained in your current life experience? Sometimes called spiritual journeys, or soul exploration, the regression experience uses techniques of guided imagery, progressive relaxation and hypnosis to focus on life patterns and more clearly understand the soul’s journey. We’ll spend some time exploring our concepts of past and answer questions you may have about the regression process. You’ll be gently guided through a time of relaxation and exploration of memories past, followed by an opportunity to write and talk about your experiences. Come join us for this amazing personal journey into your past life!   Note from Patti – I’ve had this done with Karen – VERY empowering.  The real deal.

Karen Willis, CH, MA is Certified by The National Guild of Hypnotists, Inc. and the National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists.  She also has a Past Life Regression Certification with Henry Bolduc, IBRT and has been trained in Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy for Spiritual Regression by Dr Marjorie Reynolds, (a trainee of Dr Michael Newton).

3:30pm – 4:30pm  AREA TWO

Spirit Circle LIVE with Maggie Salter

Additional Ticket Required for This 1 Hour Event:  $15

A FAVORITE OF KARMAFEST!  Maggie Salter is a psychic medium who uses her abilities to inspire you to find and maintain spiritual connection by communicating messages and encouraging you to trust your own intuition. She will lead a spirit circle calling in guides, angels and loved ones and deliver messages to the group and individuals.  Everyone will gain something during this gallery style reading.

Maggie Salter is a Psychic Medium from Harrisburg , PA who specializes in supporting fellow Psychics and Healers, Indigo, Rainbow, Crystal (Sensitive) Children and Adults, and anyone on the path, through Teaching, Readings , and Facilitation Healing.  She is also a Reiki Master and Feng Shui Consultant.  Maggie Salter co-founded Camp Indigo and has been featured in various KarmaFests, Lecture Series and Workshops, as well as ReNEW Retreats put on by Soul Purpose Productions, LLC.


5:00pm – 6:30pm  AREA TWO

Healthy, Wealthy and Wise (Mantra Manifestation Meditation)

with SPECIAL GUEST PRESENTER Ana Jones from Hawaii

Additional Ticket Required for This Event:  $20


In this special event, internationally known interfaith minister Rev. Ana Jones will introduce you to simple yet powerful, ancient meditation practices to manifest greater health, wealth, and wisdom in your life. These amazing meditations can be done by anyone of any age or background, and at any experience level. When done regularly, these practices can re-pattern undesirable patterns of manifestation occurring in your life. Includes 3 guided Manifestation Meditations adapted from the ancient yoga tradition using conscious breathing, focused intention, universal prayer, and ancient chants.

Rev. Ana Jones is an internationally known Interfaith Minister, Master Healer, and Clairvoyant Medium. She is an author, newspaper columnist, and recording artist. She is on tour in Maryland for a limited time only from Hawaii where she is the director of The Studio ~ Center for Holistic Arts. For more about Ana go to


11:00am  – 12:30pm  AREA ONE

Transmuting Your Karma with the Violet Flame with Sherri Lehr

Additional Ticket Required for This Event:  $15

In this workshop you will learn about the Violet Flame and its application, how it releases Karma and can transform your life.  We will be guided in a group meditation and decree session.  This is very high frequency energy, so be ready to release and transmute any situation that is causing you discomfort.  If there is a situation in your life that you would like to heal quickly, this is the tool for you.

Sherri Lehr is a Holistic Health Practitioner, a Reiki Master and Pranic Healer who works with the Violet Flame, Shamanism, Crystal Therapy and Sound Therapy for healing and helping others.  Sherri has been working with the Violet Flame for 3 years and found it help many people as well as transform her own life on many levels.



ILLUSIONS AND REALITY – Magic Workshop with Magician, David London

Additional Ticket Required for This Event:  $20

In David’s mind, Magic and Magic Tricks, are two completely different things. This workshop will explore both. We will take a close look at reality by gaining an understanding of illusion. You are guaranteed to go home with many more questions than you came in with, as well as several tricks you can amuse and amaze your friends with! Topics covered will include Alchemy, Surrealism, Dreams, Imagination, and Creativity, as well as Sleight of Hand, Misdirection, Storytelling, Persona, and Human Interaction.

About David London: David discovered that he was a magician at the age of seven. In his over 20 quest to understand just what that means, he had created five original theatrical magic productions, including Cerebral Sorcery…Art of Dreams, and The Imagination Show, as well authored eight manuscripts related to magic and illusion, including Daydreams, Borderland State, and Imagining the Imagination. David regularly performs his unique style of magic at theaters, museums, galleries, festivals, and private events, and has presented his shows, workshops and lectures in over 1/3 of the United States.


3:00pm – 5:00pm  AREA ONE

Angel Connections and Attunement with Anne Marie Revello

$45 for Attunement

Receive a Lightarian AngelLink (TM) attunement to Seraph Rose Aura (an attunement is an an energetic alignment). This attunement will connect you to the quality of unconditional love the angel Seraph Rose Aura represents and help to expand unconditional love within you by infusing this quality and energetic pattern into your energy field. After the attunement linking you to Rose Aura, she will be an Angelic Guide to assist you in matters of the heart, especially the expansion of unconditional love of self and others. If you wish you may also be registered with the Lightarian Institute to pass this attunement along to others.  This event will start with a 15 minute overview of the above.  Then schedule your attunement today. Each attunement will take 15 – 20 minutes. This is a special Karmafest discount, the AngelLink attunements are usually $60 each. Limited to the first 10 people to register, however if you schedule your AngelLink attunement with Phoenix Reiki before the end of June and mention you heard about it at Karmafest the discount will still apply.

Anne-Marie Revello is a Certified Reiki Master/Teacher and the owner of Phoenix Reiki, offering individual sessions and training in all levels of Usui Shiki Ryoho, Karuna Reiki ™, Lightarian Reiki ™ and Sekhem Seichim Reiki as well as other metaphysical training including the Violet Flame and Crystal Healing. Anne-Marie is also certified in all three levels of Integrated Energy Therapy (R) and is a member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals. Karuna Reiki is a trademark of the International Center for Reiki Training.

5:30pm – 7:00pm AREA ONE

Sound Medicine Journey Through the Chakras with Angela Blueskies and Adam Kandel

Additional Ticket Required for This Event:  $20

Using a lush array of sounds, from flutes, rattles, and drum, to voice, gong, and luminous singing bowls, participants will be bathed in healing sounds and chants. In this journey, we will visit each of the chakras, explore and listen to their teachings, and use the mantras and music as a way to gain deeper access to our own healing process.
Angela Blueskies is a musician, sound healer, songkeeper, and medicine woman who carries deep understanding of the healing powers of music and the Earth. She has shared her music in concert halls, churches, schools, yoga studios, temples, in nature, and in sacred ceremony across four continents. Angela is a founding member of DC’s kirtan band, Bhakti Tree.

Adam Kandel lives his life in the spirit of Bhakti, Love and devotion to Divine Truth. Through musical prayer and meditation he has found a perfect way to express and share his light. Adam is a founding member of DC’s kirtan band, Bhakti Tree.




Andrea Hylen’s Heal My Voice Event and Writer’s Workshop

Inside all of us there is a story that is aching to be told. When you write and speak that story something inside of you will break open and reveal more self-expression and more of your unique gifts. The surprising thing is that it may not be the story you think you should tell.

3-4pm FREE Meet the Authors Event where you can hear some of the authors talk about how the process of writing their stories has changed their lives and the powerful impact it is having on them as well as those around them. All 3 of our current books will be available for sale.

4:15-5:45pm Andrea Hylen, the Founder of Heal My Voice will be leading a writer’s workshop. This will be an experiential workshop with a variety of exercises to help you go within and discover THE story.  $15 EXTRA TICKET PRICE – REGISTER BY CLICKING BELOW!

6-6:30pm A peace ceremony with a peace pole dedication for all of the present and future visitors to enjoy for years to come. The ceremony will include a prayer of peace, love and unity followed by a special song written by Alan Peterson.

Andrea Hylen is the Founder of Heal My Voice, a global community of Empowered voices. The mission is to empower women to heal a story in their lives, reclaim personal power and step into greater leadership at the dinner table, in their communities and in the world. Working with everyday extraordinary women, projects in 2013 include Voices of Peace, Voices of Love, and Voices of Feminine Leadership. Andrea lives in Santa Monica, California where she can be found regularly dancing on the beach.

Karmafest 2013 Sponsors

Fluid Earth Yoga
Affordable Group & Private Yoga Instruction in Bel Air, MD

Change Your Life with Boresha Fat-Burning Coffee and Tea!

Body Beloved
Love so deep only Freedom remains.

The metaphysical world at your fingertips.

Felicia D'Haiti
Soul Transformations, Feng Shui/Space Clearing, Readings,
Soul / Past Life / Gateway Dreaming™ Coach

The Umbrella Syndicate
We Amplify Your Message!

Spirit Unions

Susan Bupp

Wedding ceremonies that celebrate the Union of Spirits and the Spirit of the Union

Lapis Studio ~ Manaola LLC
Certified Himalayan Singing Bowl Master/Teacher, Harmonics Therapist, VoiceBio Sound Therapist, Nada Yoga ~ Sound Immersions, Turtle Womyn Dream Circle

Yoga & Pilates Studio and classes for a Positive, Powerful You

Green Dragon Empire, LLC
Professional Business Management,
Global Marketing & Promotional Agency

Heal My Voice
We empower women and girls to heal grief, loss, and trauma, and reclaim their inner authority...


Awesome Outcomes
Hypnosis & Neuro-Linguistic Programming for Self-Improvement

On Wings of Light
Spiritual Enlightenment - Kimberly Uhl, Psychic Medium, Medical Intuitive, Matrix Energetix, Spiritual Teacher, and Reiki Master

Yasaman Vrd'dhi
Fusion Belly Dancer ~ Instruction~ Workshops ~ Costume Design ~ Belly Dance Events

Home Grown Cafe
Fresh food for vegan, vegetarian, carnivorous, gluten free lifestyles

Baltimore Yoga Village
Promoting peace, health, integrity, and spiritual growth

Portraits of Your Soul

Incorporating Lifeline Power Yoga

A full service law practice with a focus on family law issues. Located in Towson, MD.

Monkton Village Yoga
Transforming Community Through Health & Wellness

Be Well

The Resource for Physical, Mental & Spiritual Health

Ruscombe Mansion Community Health Center
The Oldest and Largest Holistic Healing Center in The Mid-Atlantic

Maggie Salter
Psychic/Medium/Teacher, Private Readings, Spirit Circles, Facilitation Healing, Feng Shui

Wholistic Living Guide
Your Premiere Online Guide for the Delaware Area Holistic Community

Soul Purpose Productions
Founder of KarmaFest: The Ultimate Holistic / Psychic / Yoga Festival

Dr. DV
Healing Programs Tailored To Your Needs

On Purpose Woman Magazine & On Purpose Women Networking
Connection – Woman Style

Religion of the Light and Sound of God

What Weekly Magazine
Documenting the Baltimore Renaissance

Holistic Dynamics Wellness & Personal Development Studio in Upper Marlboro, MD

Karmafest 2013 Vendors

• A Few Nice Pieces
• A People United
• Chris Alexandria international
• Alpacas of Sunset Fields
• Amazing Photo Letters
• AMR Jewelry
• Amtul Henna Body Art
• Patsy Anderson
• Angel Chatter
• Archdruid Readings
• Aroma Chi Essential Oils
• Rev. Rose Atwood
• Aura Soma Color-Care
• Awesome Outcomes
• Avillion Aura Photography – Ultra Imaging
• Back To The Garden
• Balaji Boutique
• Anka Banks, Being of Light
• Baltimore Yoga Village
• Marghi Barnes
• Basic Earth Essentials
• Be Well World
• Bees By The Bay
• Behavioral Healing, LLC
• Mara Berman, Intuitive Readings
• Barbara Berwick
• Linda Biggs
• Angela Blueskies
• Body By Barb Spiritual Healing Massage
• Breathwork Works - David Allen
• Susan Bupp
• Dino Calabrese
• CCBC Massage Therapy Program
• Trish Casner
• Cherie Anne Designs
• Collector’s Kingdom
• Columbia Center for Integrative Medicine
• Country Pride Food Service
• Creative Procrastination
• Crossing The Veil, LLC
• Crystal Sage
• Melissa Davis
• Pj DeMario ~ Intuitive Numerologist
• Divine Creations Aromatherapy
• Divine Planet Jewelry
• Divine Sunset
• DorLDor
• Donna Dorn
• doTerra by Totally Essential
• Dr. DV
• DRUMS: Drum Rhythms Uniting Minds and Spirits
• Earth Energy Creations
• Earth’s Essence
• Eckankar
• Eden at Dusk
• EsoTarotIKa (Esoteric Tarot for Your Soul)
• Fairy Fresh Farm
• Funky Gypsy
• Charlie Goedken
• GoGo’s Retread Threads
• Good Knight Child Empowerment Network
• Grahamtastic Hypnosis
• HeatherzenRN Yoga Therapy
• Barry Helm
• Holistic Dynamic
• Holistic Emporium 02
• Home Grown Cafe
• Hope Pottery
• “INSPIRED” Fashions of ASIA
• Ishta Arts
• ISKCON (International Soceity for Krishna Consciousness)
• J Murray Tribal Drums
• Laura Jackson
• David Jaffa
• Rev. Ingrid Jolly, DD
• Nancy Johnson
• Junction Streett Art and Jewelry
• Kathleen’s Well
• Katiemmitt Hoops!
• Sherri Lehr
• Ted Leydon
• Liette Monic
• Life Journeys
• Colleen McCartney
• Arleen Mcginley
• M.A.D Dance Designs
• Manifest Goddess Massage and Readings by Sofia Wren
• Maple View Baptist Church
• Maryland Satsang Society
• Maryland Smart Meter Awareness
• Maui Wowi
• Maya Weavers of Guatemala
• Monave’
• Monkton Village Yoga
• Nina Moore, Access Consciousness
• Angel Murray
• National Lung Cancer Partnership’s Baltimore Free to Breathe Yogathon
• Nature's Pearl
• Nature’s Essence
• Elaine Neiberding – Your Ho-Ho-Holistic Nurse
• William Nethery
• Nutrition Master Foods
• On Wings of Light
• Orderly Abodes-Home Organization
• Origami Owl
• Pandragon Fusionworks
• Becky Pfeffer
• Pike Creek Reiki/Tammy Petruccelli
• Joan Porte, Karmic Astrologer
• Rainbow Reiki
• Holly Range, Intuitive Readings
• Readings by Iris
• Reiki Rocks, Kate McKelvie
• Remnants of Magic
• Cheryl Rider
• Rose’s Rocks
• Ruscombe Mansion Community Health Center
• Rustic Magic and More
• Lana Ryder
• Maggie Salter, Psychic/Medium/Teacher
• Ed Simon
• Rev. Nichole Smith
• Spirit Unions
• Spiritual Connections
• Spiritual Enlightenment
• Star Shadows Astrology
• Stella Blue Handmade
• Sukyo Mahikari
• Erik Sumwalt
• Sunila & Joan
• Sustainable Sales Group
• Mary Talbert - Tarot Card Reader
• Tastey Thai
• The Amethyst Center
• The Jewelry Girl
• The Modern Mystery School
• Three Treasures Holistic Health
• Totally Essential
• Sherry Tuegel, Body Beloved
• Kimberly Uhl
• Sandra Van Dusen
• Yasaman Vrd'dhi -Fusion Belly Dancer
• Viridian Energy
• Noemia Walaska, Spiritual Consultant
• Karen Willis
• Azurae Windwalker
• Wireworks Stones and Crystals
• Witchywood Sculptures
• Womens Expo Forum

 Click HERE for some pictures of past KarmaFests.

Directions to KarmaFest

For More Information Contact Patricia Hawse at

What people are saying about KarmaFest:

My daughter and I attended KarmaFest for the third year in a row. Your efforts, along w/ the other organizers, are really helping us change our lives. We’re becoming more aware and enlightened, I think.This year we attended Karen Willis’ past life class, the Fairies on Film feature, the Healing During Sleep discussion and the Telesma concert. We consider KarmaFest a wonderful mini-vacation and plan to go to Fair Hill. Thanks so very much for all you do! Namaste. -D. Andrews

“KarmaFest Rocks!” -Random Indigo




Again thank you Patty for yesterday – as usual it was our best KarmaFest ever – not only our best, but our best single $ day ever in 25 years of doing shows. That was second to the best group of people we are blessed to be part of. Our thanks to them also. Wish we could do this more often. See you all next time!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Ron and Judy Butler, Crystal Sage

I am your witness in testimony that you and your team knows what you are doing. The community that you attract are so good that with a selection of good arts, you cannot fail to make a living through your shows. The advertisement you do brings in the people – without enough advertisement – no people. Continue the good work with your nice team.
-Peter Kahura, Art Heritage Center

Sponsors & Vendors

Download the Sponsor & Vendors application form that has complete information on the opportunities below.

Sponsors – We’ve got NEW levels of sponsorship!!

$100 KarmaFest Guardian Option
For an ad on the Karmafest website that gets loads of hits this time of year!!! You WILL get noticed there!

$100 KarmaFest Angel Option
For an ad on email blasts related to Karmafest prior to the show (Up to 10 – which is a $500 VALUE – 4,000 person list and THEY READ IT!)

$100-$250 KarmaFest Arch Angel Option
Ad in Program – $100 for ¼ page; $250 for full page



$300-$450 KarmaFest God/Goddess Combo Option
Combination of Above – $300-$450 depending on ad size



Vendor Spaces

Outdoor Space only $200

Outdoor Space for Non-Profits only $100

Food Vendor Spaces


All Indoor Spaces and Pavilion Spaces are FULL!!