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Divine Daily Messages: Channeled Messages & Journal Paperback – by Patricia Hawse

Enjoy these “divine” daily channeled messages to spark your own daily channeled messages and journaling. A whole year’s worth of messages and enlightenment: a daily practice.



Messages for Lightworkers
Channelled Messages for YOU

by Patricia Hawse

Messages for Lightworkers is a compilation of “channeled readings” that are designed for the lightworker in all of us...

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Genevieve: Mother Nature’s Daughter

by Patricia Hawse
Illustrated by Meghan Rose Morrison

Genevieve is an enchanting story that brings to life the inner world of a young girl and her intuitive connection to nature and all her creatures. The illustrations float through the pages in etheric vignettes that match the sensitive energy of its characters. There is a little Genevieve in all of us!

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How Life Happens For Me, Not To Me…
When I STOP Playing SMALL

by Leotha Douglas

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channelledChanneled Readings for YOU by Patti Hawse

Over the past 5 years, Patti has created Channeled Messages for Me and YOU on a daily basis and has sent them out to over 6,000 people each day. These messages came about after asking for a channeled message for herself each morning. After she noticed they helped others, she shared them with her email list as well as her FaceBook “Messages for Me and YOU” page. Now she is channeling messages SPECIFICALLY for YOU.

The readings are approximately two pages in length, and are typed, and emailed to you. You can sign up for the reading by clicking the link below and then indicating your full name and DOB in the PayPal box along with any questions you may want addressed. An email will be sent to you within 48 hours of your request. (Patti may also email you and request a picture to better tap into your energy). Try a CHANNELLED READING FOR YOU OR A FRIEND today and then ENJOY it over and over again for encouragement and enlightenment.