Patricia Hawse specializes in shamanic journeys, individual healings, and clearings of homes, people, and spaces of negative energy/entities. She also specializes in readings, in the form of “Channeled Messages” of information and inspiration just for you.  Below are her descriptions of these services.



Patti and Leotha

The first exposure I had in opening up to my spiritual capabilities was through LEOTHA’s Shamanic Journeys. I met LEOTHA during Katrina Relief and during a meditation (as part of “relief for the relief workers”) he led me through a grounding and chakra opening exercise. This simple meditation reversed years of pain and blockages and reconnected me to source.

LEOTHA became my first spiritual mentor. I “shadowed” LEOTHA for many years after Katrina and experienced countless journeys under his healing voice and drum. Later, I went to Peru and experienced shamanism through the Quechua elders. I underwent several initiations during the Peruvian experience, as well as through The Modern Mystery School. In 2010 I led my first Shamanic Journey.

Read the full story of Patti’s journey with LEOTHA… download as a PDF.


Patti and Kyle

In 2011, I incorporated Kyle Christ in my journeys as drummer/healer/medicine man. Throughout 2011, Kyle and I led journeys on a weekly basis. We learned and grew together as shamanic practitioners. The mystical experiences, healings, and down-right miracles we witnessed throughout our journeys have led me to believe that the Shamanic Journey is the most empowering tool I wield.

“I’ve been to two shamanic journeys with Patricia Hawse and they were both awesome!! Also, the experiences were both totally different, both in how you handled the journey as well as what I experienced. I would highly recommend for anyone looking for some clarification or direction in their lives. I experienced past lives in both journeys and really didn’t know what to expect both times. Thanks Patti for both my experiences . . .” Pam M.

A “Shaman” is defined as one who can take people from the physical realm to the spiritual realm and then back again. I have 100% confidence that I can do this for you – and healing, opening, clearing and clarity will occur. And if nothing else, I guarantee you will at least be the most relaxed you’ve been in quite a long while – and sometimes rest is the first thing we need for healing. Below is a description of the Shamanic Journey. Today, the journeys are conducted with Kyle Christ drumming with me, when he is available, or a guest drummer. Otherwise, I lead the journeys and drum simultaneously. Both approaches work equally well for healing. However, if you can ever get a chance to experience a shamanic journey with Kyle on the drums, I suggest you do so.

Patti creates a safe space for you to explore what your soul is trying to tell you. Kyle is a master on the drums. The two of them hold sacred space for healing and self-discovery. A rad time indeed. ~Amber S.

Come enjoy a spiritual journey through this guided mediation/shamanic journey facilitated by Patti Hawse with live music by Kyle Christ. We will work on opening chakras, releasing old energy that does not serve us, and running healing energy to every cell in our bodies. You will then “journey” to gain insight to questions or issues, relieve stress and pain, resolve old conflicts and relationships that bind you, and connect to your spirit guides or higher beings. Wear comfortable clothing, bring blanket, pillow and eye coverings if you have them. A journal and pen is a must. Come and enjoy this drug free head trip: it is healing and empowering and a lot of fun.

Cost: $35 – $45 (depending on the location)



Patty’s version of reiki and chakra clearing brought cinematic clarity to me when I was working on a blockage in my heart. Her loving energies opened my heart and allowed my higher self to show me how to stay in that heart space. She is an open channel for the powers of the Light, and without her I wouldn’t have ever trusted myself to listen to my heart, intuition, and be open to healing. ~Molly S.

I started doing Reiki Healings after being certified for Reiki 2 by Virginia Abel. I noticed that when I was “hands on” I could look at the client’s chakras and find out much about their pain and dis-ease. So while clients were on the table receiving Reiki, I would put them to work by helping them clear their chakras to my prompting. I also started using the Violet Flame of Transmutation to clear other issues I found, especially those relating to childhood trauma. Finally, I found I often got information for the clients in the way of a “reading” during the healing session. Therefore, whether it be regarding past lives, current situations, health concerns, or your life’s purpose – most clients walk away with some intuitive information that comes through. Most importantly, I’ve found that I can easily

Thank you, thank you so much for the message! It’s amazing how much it resonated with me and the level of the details that were right on!”  ~Anna P.

release negative energies and entities in and around the client’s body. My healing style has changed since I began doing reiki a few years ago, as I now incorporate energetic healing methods that are not defined in traditional energy medicine, but were actually given to me by spirit/another realm. All I know is that after a session, people feel rested and grounded and begin to transform their lives.

Cost: $100 my place, or $120 if I come to you.



Channeled Message for YOU by Patti Hawse
Over the past three years, Patti has created Channeled Messages for Me and YOU on a daily basis and has sent them out to over 6,000 people each day. These messages came about after asking for a channeled message for herself each morning. After she noticed they helped others, she shared them with her email list as well as her FaceBook Page “Messages for Me and YOU.”

Now she is channeling messages SPECIFICALLY for YOU.

The readings are approximately two pages in length, and are typed, and emailed to you. You can sign up for the reading by clicking the link below and then indicating your full name and DOB in the PayPal box along with any questions you may want addressed. An email will be sent to you within 48 hours of your request. (Patti may also email you and request a picture to better tap into your energy). Try a CHANNELLED READING today and then read it over and over again for encouragement and enlightenment.


“Your reading was accurate and insightful”.

“Thank you Patti.  I am very pleased and feel you have touched on many issues that I have been working on and through. You have put my mind at ease.”

“. . . very enlightening, affirming, and supportive of my own inner knowing. It was especially nice to receive that conformation that I was on the right track. Thank you Patti:)”

“. . . this is an amazing GIFT . . .”

“The reading you did for me was amazing!” 

“Patricia, the intuitive channeling that you did for me was inspired, clear, and insightful. Reading your words helped me to anchor in the powerful new energies of 2014. I’m grateful for your divine gifts and talents that you share so beautifully. Thank you for lighting the way for so many!”